Text Completion- Economic Recovery

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Text Completion- Economic Recovery

    Citing an improvement in exports and government spending, the nation’s central bank has said that an ________economic recovery is under way. However, many economists remain skeptical as to whether the economy is picking up after more than a year of ________ economic growth.

    1. incipient, anaemic
    2. slow, weak
    3. insipient, steady
    4. insipid, astounding


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (A)

Detailed Solution

Incipient and insipient are words that may be confused. Incipient means embryonic or at the beginning stage whereas insipient means foolish.

Blank (1) Choices that make sense are incipient and slow. However, we can rule out slow as well, as the article preceding the blank is “an”.

Blank (2) Weak and anaemic make sense here. However, we ruled out choice B in blank (1), so the correct answer choice is A. incipient, anaemic

Correct Answer: A

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