Text Completion- Laughter

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Text Completion- Laughter

    Laughter is a complex and __________________ social signal. People interpret laughter in a way that is _____________ with their interpretations of other people’s intentions.

    1. ambiguous, consistent
    2. ambivalent, compatible
    3. misleading, contrary
    4. misconstrued, accordant


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (A)

Detailed Solution

The second sentence holds the key to the first. So, let us look at the second blank first. Option C is ruled out straight away, as 'contrary with' is not idiomatic. All the other choices—consistent, compatible and accordant— fit the second blank well. The meaning remains the same regardless of the choice of words: people interpret laughter in line with their own interpretations of other people's intentions.

For the first blank, 'ambivalent' is ruled out straight away as a choice. 'Ambivalent' is used to describe a person whose feelings are mixed. Laughter cannot be called ambivalent. Ambiguous, on the other hand, fits well. Laughter is open to interpretation and hence not a clear social signal. The options 'misleading' and 'misconstrued' are both too sweeping—they seem to imply that laughter is always misleading or misconstrued. That is not what the second sentence implies. Laughter is simply open to interpretation.

So, option A—ambiguous, consistent—is the right choice.

Correct Answer: A

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