Text Completion- Race, Gender and Religion

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Text Completion- Race, Gender and Religion

    ________around race, gender and religion sometimes seems to have gone beyond ___________ in academic circles. The world would do better if we could all speak with a lighter heart more often about these things.

    1. insensitivity, the pale
    2. sensitivity, parody
    3. sensitivity, the pale
    4. insensitivity, reality


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

This is a slightly tricky one as more than one set of words seems to fits the blanks in sentence 1. We need to see what the second sentence says to understand the context.

It is clear from sentence 2 that talks of the need to speak with a “lighter heart” that the first sentence is not about the general lack of sensitivity around race, gender and religion in academic circles. So the correct word for blank (1) is sensitivity.

Blank (2): Going beyond the pale means going beyond limits of propriety. It doesn’t make sense when used with the word ‘sensitivity’ in blank (1). The word parody makes sense when put in blank 2.

Hence, the correct answer is (b) sensitivity, parody.

Correct Answer: B

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