Text Completion- The Romans

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Text Completion- The Romans

    ___________ they gained control of Italy and defeated the Carthaginians, the Romans became the strongest power in the Mediterranean. They greatly benefited from the _____________ nature of Mediterranean politics, oftentimes getting help from local allies to defeat a far-off enemy.

    1. though, fractious
    2. after, facetious
    3. once, factious
    4. since, factitious


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (C)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): Except for "though", all other choices make sense in this blank. We need to look at the next sentence to finalize the choice for this blank.

Blank (2): We have 4 similar sounding word choices for this blank. The correct choice is factious, meaning dissentious or given to faction. Fractious, meaning unruly or quarrelsome, is also a possible choice, but ruled out because the first word with this option is "though", which does not make sense in blank (1). Facetious (frivolous) and factitious (artificial) do not make sense here.

Correct Answer: C

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