Text Completion- Religion and Ideology

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Text Completion- Religion and Ideology

    Religious belief is fluid and protean, _________ ideology is procrustean, enforcing uniformity. Religion can be syncretic ________ ideology is restrictive.

    1. while, whereas
    2. hence, but
    3. similarly, yet
    4. by contrast, likewise


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (A)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1)- When we say something is protean, we mean that it changes shape easily. It is extremely variable. The word procrustean is an adjective, referring to a tendency to produce conformity by using violent means.

We do not however, need to know the meanings of these words to select the choice for blank (1), as we have other words in the sentence which clarify what it is about.

Religious belief is fluid. Ideology enforces uniformity. The two are in contrast. Of the 4 given choices, the options help join these sentences are ‘while’ (option a) or ‘by contrast’ (option d).

Blank (2)- Religion can be syncretic (unite different opposing principles, practices or parties). Ideology is restrictive. Options for conjunctions that make sense here are ‘whereas’ and ‘but’.

Only option a has both word choices that fit.

Correct Answer: A

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