Text Completion- Luxury

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Text Completion- Luxury

    The Western culture’s relationship with luxury is ____________ from that in emerging markets.___________ great shows of ostentatious wealth are considered crass in the UK, they are de rigueur in Russia.

    1. strikingly different, however
    2. not different, just as
    3. marginally different, whilst
    4. starkly different, whereas


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (D)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): We cannot finalize a choice to this blank without looking at the second sentence.

The second sentence tells us that great shows of wealth are considered crass or vulgar in the UK and de rigueur or required by etiquette/fashion in Russia.

Naturally, the choices for this blank are A. strikingly different or D. starkly different

Blank (2): Whereas or whilst are the obvious choices here. We rule out whilst as choice C has been eliminated earlier.

So the correct answer is choice D. starkly different, whereas

Correct Answer: D

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