Text Completion- Sharing Chores

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Text Completion- Sharing Chores

    Even in the____________ Nordic countries, household chores are still not evenly distributed, but at least the language is changing. When a reporter asked a young Swedish father whether he helped with the child care, she was __________________ for asking the wrong question. He did not “help”: he did his share.

    1. elitist, reprimanded
    2. egalitarian, rebuked
    3. prejudiced, admonished
    4. non partisan, condemned


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): The sentence starts with "even in" the Nordic countries, household chores are "still" not evenly distributed. This leads us to egalitarian as the right choice for this blank, ruling out "elitist" and "prejudiced". Non-partisan meaning objective and not taking sides, is also not appropriate here.

Blank (2): Rebuked or admonished are choices here. Reprimand is rebuke by a formal authority, and condemned is too strong a word for this blank. Choice (b) with the words egalitarian and rebuked is hence the correct answer.

Correct Answer: B

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