Text Completion- Child Rearing

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Text Completion- Child Rearing

    More often than not, mothers are ____________ for oddities of behavior in their offspring. ____________, single mothers’ children, raised even in the most difficult of times, do not display ‘outrageous’ patterns of behavior, as do those of nuclear families.

    1. appreciated, consequently
    2. berated, therefore
    3. praised, in the same manner
    4. blamed, interestingly enough


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (D)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): We are talking of “oddities” in behavior of the offspring, which is not a positive thing. So we can directly eliminate options A and C, which give the words “appreciated” and “praised” respectively for the first blank.

Blank (2): The second sentence gives evidence that single mothers are better at managing kids, so they cannot be blamed for anything. We can hence eliminate the option that suggests ‘therefore’, since it doesn’t logically fit.

So the correct answer is choice (D) blamed, interestingly enough.

Correct Answer: D

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