Text Completion- Cetus

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Text Completion- Cetus

    Cetus is a very large constellation that can be readily recognized from the peculiar ____________ of its _______________ stars.

    1. confirmation, predominant
    2. configuration, principle
    3. composition, prominent
    4. conformation, principal


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (D)

Detailed Solution

For blank 1, the options are:

confirmation, which means verification

configuration, which means arrangement

composition, which means make-up

comformation, which means shape or structural arrangement

Of these, we rule out confirmation, as "peculiar confirmation" doesn't make sense.

Now, 'composition of stars' implies chemical composition. The sentence, however, states the constellation can be 'readily recognized' by this. As the chemical composition of stars is not obvious to any casual observer, 'composition' is also ruled out as a choice.

So we have options (b)configuration and (d)conformation as possibilities. So we need to choose between 'principle' and 'principal' for blank 2.

Principle= basic truth/rule of action or moral conduct

Principal= chief/primary/predominant

Of these, 'principal' is the word that fits. Cetus can be identified by the peculiar arrangement of its important/main stars.

So the correct answer is option (d)

Correct Answer: D

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