Text Completion- Muhmud of Ghazni

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Text Completion- Muhmud of Ghazni

    ______________ Muhmud of Ghazni made 17 raids of India, he did not make any_____________effort to capture India. ___________, he may be seen as the founder of Turkish rule in India to the extent that his expeditions opened India to conquest from the north-west.

    1. Because, systemic, therefore
    2. Although, systematic, however
    3. Albeit, repeated, consequently
    4. Even though, systemic, nevertheless


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

Before we fill in blank (1), we need to understand what this sentence is trying to convey. Blank (2) is hence key to answering blank (1).

Muhmud of Ghazni made 17 raids of India, but his effort was not ________________. We can rule out repeated and systemic as answer choices as they do not make sense. Systematic and focused make sense here.

A point to note here is that systemic and systematic are words that are often confused. Systemic relates to a system whereas systematic means orderly or methodical.

In this sentence, systemic does not make sense.

Now, the choices for blank (1) are A. Because and B. Although. Although is the only one that makes sense.

Blank (3) The part of the sentence that reads “to the extent that….” tells us that the correct choice of word here is however or nevertheless, not therefore or consequently.

So the correct answer is B. although, systematic, however

Correct Answer: B

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