Text Completion- Experiential Purchases

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Text Completion- Experiential Purchases

    It's the ______________________ nature of experiential purchases that endears us to them. Often, they're not around long enough to become imperfect. And even if they are imperfect, our memories and stories of them get sweet with time. Even a bad experience becomes a _________________ story.

    1. ephemeral, engaging
    2. lasting, compelling
    3. fleeting, good
    4. enduring, disquieting


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (C)

Detailed Solution

According to the second line, experiential purchases are not around long enough to become imperfect. So, straight away, we can rule out 'lasting' and 'enduring' as choices for blank 1. Both 'ephemeral' and 'fleeting' fit blank 1.

The choices for blank 2 are now narrowed down to 'engaging' and 'good'. At first glance, both of these seem to apply equally well to the given context. However, noting the article 'a' before blank 2, we rule out 'engaging'. So, the right pair is fleeting, good.

Correct Answer: C

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