Text Completion- Concept of Justice

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Text Completion- Concept of Justice

    The belief in _______________justice is the expectation that the universe is designed to ensure that evil is punished and virtue rewarded. _______ being exclusive to traditional societies, these beliefs pervade large-scale modern societies.

    1. immanent, far from
    2. inherent, normally
    3. imminent, besides
    4. eminent, not


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (A)

Detailed Solution

The words immanent, imminent and eminent are often confused.

Immanent refers to something that is inherent or exists within something, often used in reference to spiritual or otherwise non-material things.

Something that is imminent is impending and likely to occur at any moment. It is normally used in the context of a disaster waiting to happen.

Someone or something that is eminent is of high rank, distinguished, or noteworthy.

Considering the above, we rule out choice (d) for blank (1).

For blank (2) we rule out the options “normally” and “besides” because it doesn’t make sense to say something that is not only “exclusive” to traditional societies but also pervades modern societies.

So option (a) immanent, far from is the correct answer choice.

Correct Answer: A

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