Text Completion- Crossed Hands

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Text Completion- Crossed Hands

    Researchers found that when people's hands were crossed to other side of their bodies, it confused the brain by ____________ the processing of information incoming from multiple regions. Lead researcher says the confusion results from a ____________ between the brain's external mapping of where it normally assumes the hands will be (on the appropriate side of the body) and its internal map of the physical source of the new pain information.

    1. quickening, alignment
    2. transmitting, connection
    3. interrupting, misalignment
    4. hindering, alignment


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (C)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): You cannot transmit the processing of information. Choice B is ruled out.

Blank (2): Confusion cannot arise out of alignment. So we can eliminate choices A and D.

The correct answer is (C) interrupting, misalignment

Correct Answer: C

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