Text Completion- Sound Effects in Comics

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Text Completion- Sound Effects in Comics

    Comics are in the peculiar position of needing to ______________ sounds through images, making it the only medium where the audience regularly sees sound instead of hearing it. A comic with the sound effects removed might be a significantly different reading experience, almost as though a central character had been _______________.

    1. evince, purged
    2. imply, excised
    3. convey, revamped
    4. infer, expunged


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

This is a tricky one, as the answer options are close.

For blank 1, ‘evince’, ‘imply’ and ‘convey’ work. Only ‘infer’ doesn’t. To infer is to make an educated guess. Here comics need to only convey or hint at the sounds—it is the reader’s job to infer. So option (d) is ruled out.

Let us consider the options for the second blank. Both ‘purged’ and ‘excised’ mean ‘remove’, but the context in which they are applied are different. The word we can rule out immediately is ‘revamped’, as it implies a change for the better. The first line suggests sounds conveyed in comics are an essential part of the medium. So it does not make sense to say that a comic without sound effects is revamped or made better. So option (c) is ruled out.

Now, ‘purge’ means to remove something unwanted. Again, for the same reason why ‘revamp’ doesn’t fit in the second blank, ‘purged’ doesn’t. To say that the central character is ‘purged’ from a comic when sound effects are removed from it suggests that the central character is some unwanted thing that, when removed, makes the comic better. So option (a), which carries the word ‘purged’ is not the right one.

‘Excised’ and ‘expunged’ both mean to remove something as if by striking it out. However, the option with ‘expunge’ has been eliminated earlier. So the right option is (b).

Correct Answer: B

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