Text Completion- The Government Shutdown

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Text Completion- The Government Shutdown

    It is __________________ rhetoric that the government "shutdown" was devastating. In actuality only seventeen percent of the federal government was actually shutdown as a result of partisan _______________.

    1. efficacious, discord
    2. specious, disagreement
    3. spurious, comity
    4. facile, agreement


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): The second sentence, which states that only seventeen percent of the government was actually shutdown, indicates the rhetoric referred to in blank (1) is not efficacious. Specious (apparently good but actually lacking merit), spurious (not genuine) and facile (superficial) all remain possibilities.

Blank (2): The obvious choices here are discord and disagreement. We have ruled out option A which has the word discord. So the correct answer is option B (specious, disagreement).

Correct Answer: B

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