CAT Practice : Averages, Ratios, Mixtures

One more based on possible samples given properties of mean and median. Given a sample, finding mean and median is easy. Given mean and median, imagining the sample is the tougher, more interesting bit.

Averages - Mean Median

    Q.10: In a sequence of 25 terms, can 20 terms be below the average? Can 20 terms be between median and average?


  • Correct Answer
    24 numbers, 0

Detailed Solution

Yes. We can have 24 zeroes and 1500 as the 25 numbers. In this case, there are 24 numbers below the average.

No. In a sequence of 25 numbers, 12 will be greater than or equal to the median and 12 will be lesser than or equal to the median. We cannot have 20 terms in between the average and median

Correct Answer: 24 numbers below the average, 0 numbers between the average and median

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