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Paragraph Completion - The Tech View of Dieting

The human self is the next great frontier of the Silicon Valley, which has introduced a slew of technology products for dieting. These products have a whole new language, one that encourages people to think and talk about nutrition differently. Dieting is no longer a necessary problem of vanity, as it has been historically termed, but a problem of knowledge and efficiency—a rhetorical shift with broad implications for how people think of themselves. Where bodies might have previously been idealized as personal temples, they’re now just another device to be managed, a system whose use people are expected to master.

  1. Eating salads is now 'bio-hacking one's personal ecosystem', and watching one's figure is now 'optimizing one's performance'.
  2. For these companies, laundering what are often fairly conventional diet practices through the language of technology provides the imprimatur of newness in the eyes of seasoned dieters.
  3. In effect, these are elaborate, expensive instructions to make a dietary addition or replacement that will unlock the human body’s true potential.
  4. But if people internalize the idea that changing their body should be as simple and necessary as cleaning up old files on a laptop, the stakes for those who don’t or can’t do it could easily become even more severe.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice A

    Detailed Solution

    According to the paragraph, technology products for dieting have a "whole new language" that encourages people to think and talk of nutrition differently. How does it encourage people to think of nutrition? It makes them think that dieting is a problem of knowledge and efficiency, and that the human body is a device to be mastered.

    Option A fits the paragraph well. It continues the main idea of the paragraph, by answering the question of how tech products for dieting encourage people to talk of dieting. Let us look to see if there are better options.

    Option B can be ruled out straight away. B starts off with "for these companies". There is no reference to these in the penultimate line.

    Option C, too, doesn't look right. The penultimate line does not talk of any "elaborate, expensive instructions", and the reference to unlocking "the human body's true potential" is out of place in the given paragraph.

    Option D looks like a possibility, as it continues the idea of the body as a device in the penultimate line. However, D goes on to state that this view of raises the stakes for those who cannot manage their body the way technology advocates it to be managed. This is a new line of thought. The paragraph given focuses on the new language and message of tech products for dieting. D, on the other hand, is about the people who cannot or do not subscribe to the tech view of dieting.

    Between A and D, A fits the paragraph given far better.

    Correct Answer: Choice (A)

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