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Question 30: We would do better to worry about what humans might do with Artificial Intelligence (AI), rather than what it might do by itself. We humans are far more likely to deploy intelligent systems against each other, or to become over-reliant on them. As in the fable of the sorcerer’s apprentice, if AIs do cause harm, it’s more likely to be because we give them well-meaning but ill-thought-through goals – not because they wish to conquer us.

  1. Natural stupidity, rather than artificial intelligence, remains the greatest risk.
  2. Indeed, the greatest danger of artificial intelligence is that it is likely to fuel natural stupidity.
  3. Artificial intelligence is, more often than not, laced with natural stupidity.
  4. Natural stupidity, it seems, eclipses artificial intelligence at every instance.

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Explanatory Answer

Method of solving this CAT Question from Paragraph Completion:

The paragraph argues that we should be more worried about the harm humans can cause by handling AI systems wrongly than about the harm AI systems might, on their own, cause humans. Humans are likely to deploy AIs against each other, or become over reliant on them, or give them ill-conceived goals, and these actions, might, in turn, make AI harmful to us.

Option A, which states that 'natural stupidity' is 'the greatest risk', summarises the main idea of the paragraph, and is hence the best one to complete it.

Option B states that AI might 'fuel' natural stupidity. Though the paragraph talks of the danger of humans becoming 'over-reliant' on AI, the idea that AI might worsen natural stupidity is not put forth here.

Option C talks of AI being often 'laced with' natural stupidity. This doesn't relate to the given paragraph.

Option D takes an extreme stance, stating that natural stupidity eclipses artificial intelligence 'at every instance'. This is not a good choice to complete the given paragraph.

The question is " Choose the Sentence that completes the Paragraph "

Hence, the answer is Sentence A

Choice A is the correct answer.


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