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Paragraph Completion - Sanctions

_________________________________________________. For instance, they were effective in putting pressure of South Africa’s apartheid government because they complimented political organizing by the country’s black majority. South Africans, including whites, also tended to view their country as a democracy and were sensitive to being turned into a pariah state.

Choose the option which fits in best in the given blank:

  1. Sanctions are particularly useful against countries where a strong political opposition lends its voice against the country's isolation and economic stagnation.
  2. Sanctions work best when they align with the preferences of the targeted country’s population.
  3. Sanctions remain Western powers’ favored option for demonstrating their resolve to rogue states when diplomacy fails and military force is either unwarranted or too risky.
  4. Sanctions are more likely to work when the goal is modest rather than asking for major military concession or a fundamental change to the political nature of a regime.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice B

    Detailed Solution

    The paragraph cites some reasons why sanctions were effective against South Africa’s apartheid government. Firstly, the sanctions complimented political activities of the black majority. Secondly, the entire population of the country, including the whites, was sensitive to South Africa being viewed as a pariah state.

    Both reasons given are about the views/emotions of the people in the targeted country. Option B relates to this idea. So, it is the right one to complete the paragraph.

    Option A attributes the success of sanctions to “a strong political opposition”. The paragraph does not talk of this.

    Option C makes no mention of the views of the people in the target country. It is unrelated to the paragraph given.

    Option D states that sanctions are likely to work only when the "goal is modest". Again, the paragraph given does not relate to or support this.

    Correct Answer: Choice (B)

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