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Paragraph Completion - Tackling Violence

Violence is akin to infectious disease. One event leads to another : just as flu causes more flu, violence causes more violence. To contain infectious diseases, public health officials try to get people to change their behavior so that a rapid effect can be seen even when larger structural factors can’t be tackled. Yet, when it comes to violence, the discussion is often underpinned by an assumption that this behavior is innate and immutable, and that people engaging in it are beyond redemption.

  1. Violence is best treated by a three- pronged approach: interrupt transmission, prevent future spread, and change group norms.
  2. In fact, penal measures such as increased stop-and-search and stricter sentencing are most effective in containing outbreaks of violence.
  3. Solutions to violence prevention are sought in the criminal justice system rather than in public health measures.
  4. Across much of the world, being ‘tough on crime’ is a vote winner, which makes the public health approach to preventing violence a hard sell.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice C

    Detailed Solution

    This paragraph says that violence is similar to infectious diseases, as violence induces more violence. But while public health measures are taken to contain the spread of infectious diseases by getting people to change their behavior, a similar approach is not taken to contain violence, which is considered to be innate and immutable.

    Of the given options, C is the one that talks of violence prevention. It carries forward the idea in the penultimate line: as people engaging in violence are considered to be beyond redemption, solutions to violence prevention are sought in the criminal justice system rather than in public health measures.

    Option A contains too may new ideas. So, it is unlikely to be the last sentence of the given paragraph.

    Option B, which talks of stricter penal measures to tackle violence, runs contrary to the main idea of the paragraph.

    Though it is similar to option C in part, option D also contains new ideas, about the 'tough on crime' approach being a "vote winner" and the public health approach to violence prevention being a "hard sell". The paragraph does not relate to these. So, option D too is ruled out.

    Correct Answer: Choice (C)

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