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Paragraph Completion - Political Defection

We have good reason, of course, to be cynical about the morality of politicians. But if money alone was sufficient to buy the loyalty of legislators, there would be serial instability. Too many politicians, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, can resist everything but temptation.

  1. And the bane of politics is the lack of ideological anchor among politicians.
  2. Defection remains an occasional game because money is, at best, a one-time payoff.
  3. Politicians, alas, suffer from a poverty of philosophy and are driven by narrow self-interest.
  4. Political defection on the promise of money and power vitiates the political atmosphere.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice B

    Detailed Solution

    The paragraph given argues that money is not the primary reason for political defection, for, if that were the case, there would be “serial instability”, as too many politicians can resist "everything but temptation". Option B, which declares that defection remains an occasional game as money is only a one-time payoff, completes the paragraph best.

    Option A talks of lack of “ideological anchor” among politicians. This is not the main idea of the paragraph.

    Option D relates to tangential idea, that political defection spoils “the political atmosphere”. The paragraph given is not about this.

    At the outset, option C looks close, as it relates to the idea in the first line of the paragraph-- the morality of politicians. However, in the next line, the paragraph moves on to the specific issue of money buying political loyalty. Option C it doesn’t touch upon the role of money in political defection, but brings up a new idea--poverty of philosophy and narrow self interest--in the last line. Option B is better than option C to complete the paragraph.

    Correct Answer: Choice (B)

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