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Paragraph Completion - Emotional Intelligence

The idea that you can increase your emotional intelligence by broadening your emotion vocabulary is grounded in neuroscience. Your brain is not static; it rewires itself with experience. When you learn new emotion words, you sculpt your brain’s micro wiring, giving it the means to construct new emotional experiences. And the more emotions that you know, the more finely your brain can construct emotional meaning automatically from other people’s actions.

  1. Since people use the same emotion words without necessarily meaning the same thing, a good emotion vocabulary is key to emotional intelligence.
  2. In short, your emotional intelligence is a function of the emotions you experience and the expressions you perceive in other people.
  3. Hence, learning foreign languages, which have emotion words that have no direct equivalent in English, can greatly enhance your emotional intelligence.
  4. In short, every emotion word you learn is a new tool for future emotional intelligence.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice D

    Detailed Solution

    The main idea of the given paragraph is that you can improve your emotional intelligence by learning new emotion words. Each emotion word learnt helps your brain to construct new emotional experiences and improves your perception of other people’s emotions.

    Option (D) is the best one to complete the given paragraph as it sums up the main idea.

    Option (A) brings up a new idea—that people use the same emotion words to mean different things. Hence, it is not a good option to complete the paragraph.

    Option (C), too, is ruled out for the same reason. The paragraph merely talks of increasing your emotion vocabulary, not of learning foreign languages.

    Option (B) does not touch upon emotion vocabulary, which is the main point of the paragraph.

    Correct Answer: Choice (D)

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