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Paragraph Completion - Court Packing

When components of his New Deal got struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt threatened to increase the number of its judges from nine to fifteen through a court-reform bill. He reasoned that packing the court with six new judges would bring about a new majority that would side with the government. _________________________________________. For, in 1937, Justice Owen Roberts changed his vote to side with the government-leaning judges, and Roosevelt thereafter did not need to pursue court packing.

Choose the option which fits in best in the given blank:

  1. The judiciary refused to let in a Trojan horse into its citadel of independence.
  2. The resultant public backlash put paid to his plans.
  3. His relationship with the judiciary was fraught with confrontation and conflict.
  4. Shortly thereafter, ‘a switch in time saved the nine’.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice D

    Detailed Solution

    The key to identifying the missing sentence lies in the final sentence, which tells us that Roosevelt did not need to pursue court packing, as Justice Owen Roberts changed his vote to side with the government-leaning judges. Option D captures this ‘switch’ well.

    Option A talks of the independence of the judiciary, which is unrelated to the last sentence, which talks of Justice Owen Roberts’ change of stance.

    In case of option B, if the public backlash had put paid to Roosevelt’s plans, there is no sense discussing in the next sentence that “Roosevelt thereafter did not need to pursue court packing”.

    Option C doesn’t fit in the paragraph as it is on a tangent—about FDR’s relationship with the judiciary, whereas the paragraph is specifically about court packing.

    Correct Answer: Choice (d)

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