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Paragraph Completion - Stories that Move Us

_________________________________________________. For example, two of the world’s best-loved and most abiding narratives – The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series – invoke values that were familiar in the middle ages but are generally considered repulsive today. Disorder in these stories is characterized by the usurpation of rightful kings or their rightful heirs; justice and order rely on their restoration. We find ourselves cheering the resumption of autocracy, the destruction of industry and even, in the case of Narnia, the triumph of divine right over secular power.

Choose the option which fits in best in the given blank:

  1. Stories that possess narrative fidelity, reflecting the way we expect humans and the world to behave, are the ones we like best.
  2. Stories can be so powerful that they sweep all before them: even our fundamental values and beliefs.
  3. Stories that resonate powerfully with the narrative structure our minds are prepared for triumph over facts and evidence.
  4. If a narrative is simple and intelligible, resonating with our deep needs and desires, it captures our imagination and holds sway over us.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice B

    Detailed Solution

    Citing the examples of the popular and well-loved Lord of the Rings and Narnia series, the paragraph given argues that stories can be so powerful that they make readers overlook the fact that the values that they are based on, such as the resumption of autocracy and the 'divine right' to rule, are unfamiliar and even considered repulsive today.

    Option (B) is in line with this idea, and is hence the best one to start the paragraph.

    Options (A) attributes the reason stories are popular to narrative fidelity, option (C) to narrative structure and option (D) to simple and intelligible narratives. None of these options talk of the dissonance between our values and the ones popular stories invoke, and the way we set this aside while enjoying these stories.

    Correct Answer: Choice (B)

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