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The question is from CAT Percentages. 2IIMs CAT question bank provides you with CAT questions that can help you gear for CAT Exam CAT 2023. This question is from the topic percentages using integers. In this question, 3 people participated in a eating competition and the margin of victory by the winner is given compared to others is given. We need to find the total no. of given items eaten together by all. Yummy Question, Right?

Question 33 : A, B and C participated in a burger eating competition. A beat C by 18 burgers. A also beat B by eating 50% more burger than B. Also B had eaten 5 percentage points more burger than C. Find the overall number of burgers that were eaten.

  1. 90 burgers
  2. 81 burgers
  3. 72 burgers
  4. 100 burgers

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Explanatory Answer

Method of solving this CAT Question from Percentages: Percentage, percentage points and the actual no in the same question.

Let the burgers eaten by C be x%
=> Burgers eaten by B = x + 5%
Since A ate 50% more than B = (x + 5%) + 50% of (x+5%) = 1.5 (x+5%)
=> x + x + 5 + 1.5(x+ 5) = 100%
=> x = \\frac{87.5}{3.5}\\) = 25
Therefore, A beat C by 20 percentage points => 18 => Total burger = 18 * \\frac{100}{20}\\) = 90

The question is " Find the overall number of burgers that were eaten. "
The overall number of burgers that were eaten is 90.

Hence, the answer is 90.

Choice A is the correct answer.


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