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Party A and B

    Q.27: In a local election, 2400 people were to vote for Party A or Party B. Party A was bound to win the election. However, on Election Day, 33% of the voters of Party A were kidnapped. Party B was also able to influence the remaining Party A voters and thus double the strength of its voters. In this way, Party A lost by a majority which was half of that by which it would have won had the elections been fair. How many people finally voted for Party A and Party B?
    1. 600(A), 1200(B)
    2. 300(A), 600(B)
    3. 450(A), 900(B)
    4. 600(A), 900(B)


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. 600(A), 1200(B)

Detailed Solution

Easiest way to solve this question is through options:

a) If 600 voted for A and 1200 voted for B then

Before influencing, A – 600 + 600 = 1200, B – 1200 – 600 = 600(As half of B’s vote were through influencing)

Before kidnapping, A – 1200 + of 1200 = 1800 (As 1/3 of A’s voters were kidnapped which is half of the 2/3 that remained)

Thus, total voter initially = 1800 (A) + 600 (B) = 2400

Thus option a) fits the scenario given in the question completely.


Answer – (a)

Correct Answer: 600(A), 1200(B)

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