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Travel Expenses

    Q.31: Hari prepares a budget to visit London. However, he spends 12% of his budget on the first 10% days of his travel when he stays in the city. He knows that he has to spend another 35% of days in city itself, after which he would travel to the country side. What should be the minimum decrease in spending in country side as a percentage of his spending in city so as to complete his travel on the initial budget itself?
    1. 33.33%
    2. 30.3%
    3. 25%
    4. 32.23%


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. 30.3%

Detailed Solution

Budget spent on 10% of days = 12%

So, in 1% of days =

35% remaining days in city =

Overall budget spent on 45% of days in city = 54%

Days remaining = 55%, Budget remaining = 46%

In 1% of day remaining, he can spend = of budget

Therefore, % decrease required =

Correct Answer: 30.3%

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