Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions

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Type of Progression

Type of Progression

    If the equation px2 + 2qx + r = 0 and dx2 + 2ex + f = 0 have a common root, then in which type of progression is
    1. are in G.P
    2. are in A.P
    3. are in H.P
    4. Insufficient Data


  • Correct Answer
    Choice B. are in A.P

Detailed Solution

Since p,q,r are in G.P. we have q2 = pr. On solving px2 +2qx +r = 0 we get

x =

=) x = (q2 = pr)

=) x =

Thus x = is the repeated root of px2+2qx+r = 0

∴ x = is also a root of dx2+2ex+f = 0

=) d.


=) dq2 - 2eqp + fp2 = 0

=) [On dividing by pq2]



Hence it can be clearly seen that are in A.P

Correct Answer: are in A.P

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