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Look closely at the number 131!! What kind of number is it ?

Tomatoes in Backyard

    Q.11: Anil grows tomatoes in his backyard which is in the shape of a square. Each tomato takes 1 cm2 in his backyard. This year, he has been able to grow 131 more tomatoes than last year. The shape of the backyard remained a square. How many tomatoes did Anil produce this year?
    1. 4225
    2. 4096
    3. 4356
    4. Insufficient Data


  • Correct Answer
    Choice C. 4356

Detailed Solution

Let the area of backyard be x2 this year and y2 last year

∴ X2- Y2 = 131

=) (X+Y) (X-Y) = 131

Now, 131 is a prime number (a unique one too. Check out its properties on Google). Also, always identify the prime number given in a question. Might be helpful in cracking the solution.

=) (X+Y) (X-Y) = 131 x 1

=) X+Y = 131

X-Y = 1

=) 2X = 132 =) X = 66

and Y = 65

∴ Number of tomatoes produced this year = 662 = 4356

Choice (C) is therefore, the correct answer.

Correct Answer: 4356

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