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Sentence Correction 9

    Whether or not the rumors are true is besides the point.

    1. the rumors are true are beside the point.
    2. the rumors are true is beside the point.
    3. the rumors are true are besides the point.
    4. No correction required


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

While ‘beside’ means ‘next to’, ‘besides’ means ‘apart from’. The correct idiomatic usage is ‘beside the point’.

The other aspect to note here is subject-verb agreement. ‘Whether or not the rumors are true’ has to be followed by ‘is’, not ‘are’. Note that ‘whether or not the rumors are true’ is a noun clause. You can replace it with ‘this’: This is beside the point.

So, the correct answer choice is (b).

Correct Answer: B

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