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Sentence Correction 23

    Pack your own fare so that you’ll be less apt to give into temptation when your tummy rumbles.

    1. at giving into temptation when your tummy rumbles.
    2. to give in to temptation when your tummy rumbles.
    3. at giving in to temptation when your tummy rumbles.
    4. No Correction required


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

The phrasal verb ‘give in’ means ‘to surrender’. It is normally followed by a prepositional phrase starting with ‘to’ and whatever was fought and not won (e.g. give in to the temptation). Note that ‘in to’ is generally short for ‘in order to.’

‘Into’, on the other hand, is a preposition that expresses movement or entry. ‘Into’ usually answers the question ‘where?’ This word does not make sense in the given context.

To be ‘apt to’ do something is to have the tendency to do it. The adjective ‘apt’ has other meanings such as suitable (e.g. an apt reply), and resourceful (e.g. an apt student). Neither of these apply here. ‘Apt to give in’ is the right usage.

Correct Answer: B

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