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Sentence Correction 6

    As there was no place in the first compartment, he shifted to the second.

    1. As there was no room in the first compartment, he moved
    2. As there was no space in the first compartment, he shifted
    3. As there was no seat in the first compartment, he moved
    4. No correction required


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (A)

Detailed Solution

The sentence given has two errors.

The first error is the reference to “no place”. The correct word to be used in this context is “room” (as the person here looks for a space to occupy).

Place= a specific location, or a particular portion of space

Room= a portion of space, that is available to occupy or already occupied

Space= a continuous unoccupied area

Seat= place to sit

“There were no unoccupied seats” would have worked; as ‘seat’ is a countable noun, it is more natural to say “no seats” than “no seat”. Using ‘no’ combined with a singular is possible, but implies that there would only be either one of that thing, or nothing.

The second error is the use of the word “shifted”.

‘Shift’ implies a small movement or a swap; for a greater change in position, ‘move’ is the word to be used.

So the correct option is (a).

Correct Answer: A

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