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This is 2IIM's database of Free CAT Questions with detailed solutions and video solutions. Our CAT Preparation Material is created by a team that takes the CAT every year. Many of these questions have been inspired by past year CAT questions. Questions come with detailed explanations, with video solutions from Rajesh, our Director, and slideshows. Note: These are not mere exercise problems. These are a set of must solve CAT questions that are pegged at the difficulty of the CAT. Solving them can be very valuable, both for exposure to different question patterns, and for learning different concepts from the explanations.

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1. CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions.
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3. Questions for Data Interpretation for CAT and Logical Reasoning for CAT.
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CAT Question Papers

2017 DI LR Slot 1

CAT 2017 Question Paper DI LR Slot 1

2017 DI LR Slot 2

CAT 2017 Question Paper DI LR Slot 2

2017 Quant Slot 1

CAT 2017 Question Paper Quant Slot 1

2017 Quant Slot 2

CAT 2017 Question Paper Quant Slot 2

2018 Quant Slot 1

CAT 2018 Question Paper Quant Slot 1

2018 Quant Slot 2

CAT 2018 Question Paper Quant Slot 2

2018 DI LR Slot 1

CAT 2018 Question Paper DI LR Slot 1

2018 DI LR Slot 2

CAT 2018 Question Paper DI LR Slot 2

Quantitative Aptitude


Factors and multiples form the basis of number systems. HCF and LCM can be fun if learnt the right way.


There are infinitely many numbers that have only two factors. The most elegant proof for this dates back to the 8th century.


6 goes in 50 8 times and leaves behind 2. Might we state this as 6 goes in 50 nine times and leaves behind -4?


This idea is so good that it comes with an exclamation mark. N! holds marvels that you might not have noticed before.


The remainder when we divide a number by 100 is nothing but the last two digits of the number.

Ratios, Mixtures; Averages

Sugar. Spice and Everything Nice. How much of this and how much of that? Guess the extra ingredient?

Percents, Profits, SICI

Beautiful questions from three allied topics. Most sportsmen will tell you - If you know the percentage play, you can profit well from it.

Speed, Time, Distance; Races

In a hurry? Have a go at these problems before you leave!! Maybe we could help you calculate how late you are going to be ….

Logarithms and Exponents

With every extra hour you log in for this topic, it becomes exponentially simpler. Keep your bases covered by mastering the basics.

Pipes, Cisterns; Work, Time

You have our assurances that it’s certainly not going to be as messy as the work that plumbers undertake!!

Set Theory

Set Theory (especially consructing venn diagrams) is a frequently tested topic.Make sure you know the basics


One needs to have a clear understanding of circles, squares and equilateral triangles. Lets see how good you are!


For the purists, it is geometry without romance, for the pragmatists it is Geometry with expanded scope.


Practice these and realize your immeasurable worth!! Rule the roost in the science of rulers and measurements.


When you look at your reflection through a mirror, the image is at a distance equal to the distance between mirror and you.

Linear & Quadratic

Modulus of a number cannot be negative. A simple idea that somehow escapes our mind.


Mathematics can never function as well as it does now without the theory of functions.


Having a good foundation in this subject will make Coordinate Geometry, Functions, and Algebra a lot easier.


Polynomials is a simple topic which involves a lot of basic ideas. Make sure you know the basics.


All things must progress, and progression is always a steady incline. Unless you have a negative common difference!!


There are many ways to skin the CAT. To skin the CAT, one needs to be good at finding how many ways there are.

Official CAT 2018 Analysis    

Watch Live Session here Slot 1 and Slot 2 CAT 2018 Analysis by Experts @2.30 pm and 8.00 pm on 25th November.

Verbal Ability

Para Jumble

Let’s play the big CAT’s imitation game. Decode and foil the grammar nazi’s enigmatic code.

Sentence Correction

Questions from Sentence Correction.

Sentence Elimination

Given 4 sentences, you will be asked to choose the one that does not fit in.

Paragraph Completion

Where you get to choose how the movie ends; or how it should end!

Reading Comprehension

Questions from Reading Comprehension that test your reading ability.

Critical Reasoning

It’s time to read between the sentences… think between them rather!

Word Usage

Word Usage questions often appear in the CAT. Questions from the topic for Practice.

Para Summary

Questions from Para Summary.

Text Completion

Text Completion questions often feature in the CAT. Take a look at these for practice.

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Bar Graphs

When it comes to DI prep, set the bar high. You should be the best at this, bar none.

Pie Charts

An extension to the most beautiful word in all of math? - You should definitely have a slice of this!!

Multiple Graphs

Multiple Graphs questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.

Word Problems

Word Problems questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.

Line Graphs

Line Graphs questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.


Sequencing questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.

Grid Puzzles

If you remove the two squares on opposite ends of a diagonal on a chess board, is it impossible to fill the remaining 62 squares with dominoes?

Math Puzzles

There is only one natural number whose successor is a perfect cube and predecessor is a perfect square. Find it.


350 million Rubiks cubes have been sold thus far. That’s staggering. Buy one and have a good look at it.

Other Patterns

Did you know that number of spirals in the heads of Sunflowers is either 21 and 34, or 34 and 55.Do you know what is special about these numbers?

2017 Airlines

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Airlines

2017 Travel

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Travel Route

2017 CET

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 CET

2017 Fastfood

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Fastfood

2017 Rural Survey

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Rural Kids Survey

2017 Happiness

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Happiness Index

2017 Square

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Square Layout

2017 Team

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 1 Team Project

2017 Assets

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Assets

2017 Chess

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Chessboard

2017 Dorms

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Dorms

2017 Friends

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Eight Friends

2017 Electives

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Electives

2017 Pizza

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Funky Pizzeria

2017 Security

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Security Scan

2017 Tea

DILR CAT 2017 Slot 2 Tea Tasting