Critical Reasoning- Tech Products for Older Adults

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Critical Reasoning- Tech Products for Older Adults

On the rare occasions that they see it fit to direct their attention toward older adults, most tech innovators instinctively reduce their target users down to their medical issues. Consumed with the obvious problems of old age—issues like hearing, mobility, medication management—they fail to consider the other things someone of any age would want. Concerns about self-image or style, crucial considerations for every other age group, are frequently seen as frivolous, and come only as an afterthought. Meanwhile, for many older adults, the higher-level desire to look and feel a certain way can overpower base-level physiological needs such as the ability to hear or see clearly. And so, for every older adult who has a hearing aid, an emergency-response necklace, or one of those cell phones with the huge rubber buttons, there are legions avoiding these potentially lifesaving devices.

Which of the following options best summarizes the main idea of this paragraph?

  1. For older adults, as with every other age group, psychological needs trump physiological needs.
  2. Tech innovators rarely direct their attention to older adults and do not understand the needs of this age group.
  3. That older adults are conscious of self-image and style must be taken into account by tech innovators designing products for them.
  4. Lifesaving devices for older adults will be adopted more widely if they are stylishly designed.

    • Correct Answer
      Choice C

    Detailed Solution

    The paragraph argues that older adults are conscious of self-image and style, just as any other age group. Tech innovators fail to understand this and reduce their target users to their medical needs. Meanwhile, many older adults avoid even potentially lifesaving devices due to their “desire to look and feel a certain way”.

    Option C captures this idea well.

    Option A that psychological needs trump physiological needs for older adults, “as with every other age group”. The paragraph does not state this.

    Option B summarily dismisses tech innovators, stating that they “do not understand the needs of older adults”. The paragraph merely argues that tech innovators concentrate only on the medical needs of that age group and do not understand the desire of older adults to look and feel in a certain way.

    Option D is narrow in scope, focusing only on lifesaving products for older adults. The reference to “stylish” design is vague, as is the prediction that the products “will be adopted more widely” if they are so designed.

    Correct Answer: Choice (C)

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