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Godliness Inc, a religious firm run by good Samaritans likes to plant clues about its revenue numbers so that its employees get a near spiritual aha moment while uncovering them.

The company has 5 divisions P, Q, R, S and T. The year 2012 was declared the year of Satan as the company saw a revenue decline of 2.727% in that year. Apart from this year, the company saw a good half-decade from 2010 to 2014.

The 2010 and 2014 revenue break-ups are as follows. Total revenues in 2010 was Rs. 1000 crores and the company saw a 28% growth in revenue over the period from 2010 to 2014

The yoy growth rates seen in 2014 are given in the table below

The revenue numbers added per division in 2012 are given in the chart shown below

The break-up of revenues added in 2011 are as shown below. Note that this pie chart gives the break-up of the total revenues ADDED in the year 2011 and not the total revenues of the year 2011. This merely charts the increments.

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First up, let us get the actual revenue numbers in 2010 and 2014. We will build from there on.

Total revenues in 2010 = Rs. 1000 crores, total revenue in 2014 is Rs. 1280 crores.

Growth rates by division are provided for year 2014, so we can deduce revenues in 2013 from that. For instance, division Q grew by 20% yoy to reach RS. 240 crores. So, it should have had revenues of Rs. 200 crores in 2013.

Revenue growth by division is given for the year 2012. The total revenue growth is -30 crores. Or, revenues declined by Rs. 30 crores. This corresponds to a decline of 2.727%. Or, the total revenues in 2011 should have been RS. 1100 crores. Total revenues in 2012 should have been Rs. 1070 crores.

So, revenue growth in 2011 should have been Rs. 100 crores. The break up in this growth in revenues is given in the pie chart shown below

Or, P added Rs. 10 crores, Q RS. 30 crores, R RS 25 crores, S added Rs. 20 crores and T added Rs. 15 crores.

The 2012 numbers can then be filled in by looking at the bar graph.

Question 1: What was the total revenue in Rs. crores in 2012?
Total revenue in 2012 was 1070 crore rupees.

Question 2: Which year saw the highest percentage growth in revenues?
2011 saw the highest percentage growth.

Question 3: What were the revenues in Division Q in Rs. Crores in 2011?
180 crores.

Question 4: What were the revenues in division R in Rs. Crores in 2012?
190 crores. NOTE: It is easy to miss out on the specific year the question asks for, especially since you have already solved the table. Be careful before you type your answer in!

Question 5: How many crores of revenues did division T add in the year 2013?
Again, we have to be careful about the exact metric being requested. The revenues added in 2013 was 10 crores.

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