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DI Bar Graphs: Stacked Bar Graphs

The following chart gives the revenue share of different companies in the tech sector in Cuckooland. :

    In 2002, the growth rate of the overall sector was 39%, what was the growth rate seen by SCT?

    1. 50%
    2. 75%
    3. 30%
    4. 40%


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A

Video Solution

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Detailed Solution

Note that we have done a very detailed analysis of how to go about solving stacked bar charts (similar to pie charts in many ways) in the solution to question 1 in this set. So, kindly go through that to get more insights. Let 2002 revenues be Z, and let 2001 revenues be Y. We know .

Growth rate of SCT is % * expressed as a percentage.

There was a 50% growth rate. Correct Answer: Choice A

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