CAT Practice : Speed Time, Races

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Speed Time - Cars

    Q.3: Three cars leave A for B in equal time intervals. They reach B simultaneously and then leave for Point C which is 240 km away from B. The first car arrives at C an hour after the second car. The third car, having reached C, immediately turns back and heads towards B. The first and the third car meet a point that is 80 km away from C. What is the difference between the speed of the first and the third car?
    1. 60 kmph
    2. 80 kmph
    3. 20 kmph
    4. 40 kmph


  • Correct Answer
    Choice A. 60 kmph

Explanatory Answer

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Detailed Solution

= 1

v3 = 2v1

Let v1, v2 and v3 be the speeds of the cars.
Condition I states that the cars leave in equal intervals of time and arrive at the same time. Or, the difference in the time taken between cars 1 and 2 should be equal to the time taken between cars 2 and 3.

We get

As the second car arrived at C an hour earlier than the first, we get a second equation = 1

The third car covered 240 + 80 kms when the first one covered 240 – 80 kms. Therefore,

This gives us v3 = 2v1

From condition 1, we have
Substituting v3 = 2v1, this gives us
or v2 =

Solving = 1, we get =1 or, v1 = 60 kmph
=> v2 = 80 kmph and v3 = 120 kmph
Answer choice (a)

Correct Answer: 60 kmph

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