Text Completion- Appreciating Sport

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Text Completion- Appreciating Sport

    Connoisseurs ____ sport know an uber moment when they have witnessed one. __________ greatness does not require a quorum, as the stands erupted that Friday on the Centre Court, Wimbledon welcomed with open arms Roger Federer, a player who can turn prose into poetry.

    1. into, since
    2. of, while
    3. in, though
    4. on, now


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (B)

Detailed Solution

Blank (1): The correct choice here is "of".

Blank (2):The words "while" and "though" both fit in this blank.

The answer choice B which has the word "of" for blank 1 and "while" for blank 2 is hence the right answer.

Correct Answer: B

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