Text Completion- Massive Agitation

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Text Completion- Massive Agitation

    ________ of protesters joined the agitation and did not heed the repeated requests by the police not to ________ the barricades.

    1. Hordes, breach
    2. Hordes, breech
    3. Hoards, breach
    4. Hoards, breech


  • Correct Answer
    Choice (A)

Detailed Solution

Of the two options for blank 1,

Hordes = a large group of people, and

Hoards = a stock pile or cache

'Hordes' is the option that fits in the given sentence.

For blank 2, we have the options

breach = break through, and

breech = the lower part of something

Clearly, the right word in the given context is 'breach'.

So the correct answer is option (a)

Correct Answer: A

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